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Participants' Comments on a Recent
In-Service Workshop from The Purple Apple

Participants who attended the In-Service workshop, The Purple Apple: Creative Arts for the Elementary Classroom, were asked to give us helpful feedback. They were asked to write about the following questions:
  • What was helpful, useful or positive for you about this workshop?
  • What would you have changed?
  • What could we do to improve this In-Service?

The following quotes are their responses.

  • The workshop is very well organized. Presentations and hands-on experimentation flowed smoothly. The pacing of the two days was excellent. Materials were plentiful and helped model "how-to" material handling for class use.
    The "alien" lesson was an excellent modeling of the entire lesson sequencing from introduction to closure.
    It was very valuable to have the range of materials that were available to experiment with for our own knowledge and to remember to give students the same opportunity for this skill building.
    This program is fantastic and from personal experience with my own classroom - it works

  • Thank you for creating a safe and joyful place for us to learn about opportunities for creative processes with children. To directly experience creations of our own imaginations was a gift. Thank you Renee and Kaylin.
    P.S. I enjoyed the musical background

  • I liked having one project that continued througout the day. Really appreciated the genuineness of the presenters in what you shared about yourselves.
    I would not change anything really. Although I work primarily with adolescents and we could talk more about adaptation to different age groups and populations.

  • I loved the Purple Apple presentation - great speakers. Fantastic materials for hands-on participation. I felt challenged and creative and came away with renewed excitement and appreciation for the creative process. Thank you presenters.

  • Thanks for the wonderful workshop. Thanks most of all for pursuing your "dream" so you can share it with all of us, so we in return can share with all those children and adults that we will meet from now 'till --- Hope to meet again

  • This was a wonderful workshop. I found the environment to be supportive and non-threatening. The instructors were very direct and made their instructions very simple to understand. the time was well-used between coming together as a group and activities. There was a wonderful assortment of materials made available. I would like to see the workshop made into two full days. I also appreciated the treats that were here for us to eat. Thank you.

  • Wonderful ideas - I especially enjoyed having one project and developing it
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