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  • Private Practice
    Therapist and client build together a rapport and environment of safety and creativity in which the client uses a variety of creative media, communication skills and personal symbols to heal trauma, increase self-esteem, improve self-image, strengthen relationships, and identify individual life goals and spiritual orientations. The client and therapist work together to release old, debilitating patterns of behavior and thought and create new methods of approaching life. Clients establish a connection with their creative nature, and in so doing, develop an internal resource to positively redirect their lives and achieve their goals.

  • Supervision
    For those in training to become Art Therapists or who are working towards registration. Call for more information: (707) 578-1064.

  • Consultations
    We offer consultations for personal art therapy exploration, for special issues around exploring the creative arts, for those working with children and adolescents using art therapy, and working in the elementary schools.

  • Workshops, Trainings, In-Service Presentations, and Private Groups
    From time to time we are asked to create special groups, classes and training sessions. Please see the calendar page  (this takes you to Center for the Creative Arts Therapies calendar of events page) for upcoming dates and offerings. Call us for more specific information to create a new group:
    (707) 578-1064
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